Medication Assistance

Mid-Iowa Fertility tries to make infertility treatment as affordable as possible for patients. As a result, there are many programs available based on your treatment plan, financial situation, and insurance coverage.

Medication assistance programs Mid-Iowa Fertility participates in:

1. Compassionate Care Medications from EMD Serono for FSH stimulated cycles:

EMD Serono is a major manufacturer of the fertility drugs Gonal-F (r-FSH), Ovidrel (rHCG), and Cetrotide (Antagonist). EMD Serono is offering the Compassionate Care Program to help uninsured, income-eligible patients afford their medications. The program can provide up to 75% savings on fertility medications. Mid-Iowa Fertility is pleased to participate in the Compassionate Care Program.

Details of the program include: 

  • Benefit is available at participating pharmacies only
  • Patients can save 50% or 75% off the available self-pay price
  • The Compassionate Care Program is available for multiple cycles within each year
  • Patients must reapply each year
  • Patients may not combine the Compassionate Care card with any rebate, coupon, free trial, or similar offer
  • Patients must present a valid prescription for an eligible drug
  • EMD Serono reserves the right to rescind, revoke, terminate, or amend the Compassionate Care Card at any time without notice

EMD Serono provides complete details about the program at their FertilityLifeLines website.

Download the application and authorization forms below. Print and fax to the numbers shown on the forms.

2. AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation for Lupron Depot® and Lupron Depot-PED® and Lupaneta Pack®

The AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation provides AbbVie medicines at no cost to patients experiencing financial difficulties. Eligible patients typically have no healthcare coverage for the requested product and do not have access to alternative sources of coverage or funding. All applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to support the AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation’s purpose of providing products at no cost to individuals in need. To see if you are eligible for assistance, please download and complete the AbbVie Patient Assistance Application.

3. The LIVESTRONG Sharing Hope Program for Female Cancer Patients

LIVESTRONG’s Sharing Hope program for women helps reduce the cost of embryo freezing and egg freezing procedures.

The LIVESTRONG Sharing Hope program, formerly administered by Fertile Hope, is proud to offer assistance to qualified female applicants by providing access to fertility medications donated by EMD Serono, Inc., and discounted services from reproductive endocrinologists across the country.

The Sharing Hope program does not grant direct financial contributions to individuals, but instead has partnered with key organizations, including Mid-Iowa Fertility, to increase access to procedures and treatments intended to preserve the possibility of fertility for certain qualified cancer patients whose medical treatments present the risk of infertility.

LIVESTRONG selects participants for the Sharing Hope program based on the following criteria:

  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Annual household income is less than or equal to $75,000 (single) or $100,000 (married)
  • Uninsured or denied insurance coverage for the treatments and procedures required for embryo freezing or egg freezing
  • Diagnosis of certain types of cancer
  • Oncologist has determined that the recommended cancer treatments present the risk of infertility
  • Individual has not yet started fertility-damaging cancer treatments
  • Oncologist and reproductive endocrinologist have both determined that the treatments and associated medications are medically appropriate
  • Individual has not previously participated in the Sharing Hope Program

Only patients who meet ALL of the following criteria will be accepted.

To learn more about the program and for specific questions about procedures available at Mid-Iowa Fertility, contact Ashley Koenings at 512-309-5515 or via email at

Download the LIVESTRONG Sharing Hope Program application.